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Slightly Damaged
4 August
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Super sonic deviator
all my hoes, androgyny, animals, beautiful garbage, being famous, bjork, blackness, blood, buckles, bumps in the night, burning, candels, chains, chaos, closets, concerts, corners in round rooms, cross dressers, crying, darkside of the moon, death at my door, drag queens, drawing, drinking, dying, entrance, everything under the sun, exit, faggots, fire escapes, firestarters, freezer burn, friends, fun noodles, fuzz, goth, guitars, hair dye, halloween, happiness, hayrides, head banging, heavy metal, holes, hydras, industrial rock, infestation, kickin ass, kissing, laughing, lemmings, lightning, listening, lollipops, lots of music, love, marilyn manson, matrix, men, mindless self indulgence, mixers, moloko, monster under my bed, moonlight, ms. cleo, nicole, night, nightmares, nine inch nails, opera singers, padded rooms, pain, passing school, paul, peircings, perfect circle, pins and needles, plastic, poems, psychology, purple, pyros, rain, rainbows, rampage, raves, reading minds, road rash, rockstars, rocky horror picture show, rust, s n m, saftey pins, sanity, sarcasm, scissors, shadows, shoes, sixth sense, skinny puppy, sleeping, sleeping bags, slime, slipknot, smoking, spontaneous combustion, spots, stabbing westward, stary nights, sticky situations, straight jackets, strippers, stunt driving, sun, superman, surviving, tea time, techno, tents, tool, total anihilation, tractors, trance, unconscious, vampires, viagra, watching the grass grow, water guns, wishes, women, wrists or other joints, you, zorro